TeamSupport Launches Service Level Agreements Function

TeamSupport, a B2B help desk and customer support software solutions company, today launched a service level agreements (SLAs) feature to help contact center leaders manage SLA contracts, including ones with local time zone provisions.

The enhanced SLA function allows users to track their contractual SLA responsibilities and focus on critical response time commitments. The rollout includes a new pause feature that allows users to suspend SLAs when necessary, such as when tickets are in pending status because the agent is waiting for customer response or based on weekends or holidays when SLA terms aren't in force. Users can also set SLA triggers to accommodate business hours or set custom hours based on client needs. The upgrade also lets users associate SLA triggers to products at either the product or customer level.

Another new feature is the ability to clone SLAs, which makes creating new SLAs fast and easy for users: Instead of reentering SLA parameters, users can clone an existing SLA and make modifications as necessary to get it up and running quickly.

The release also debuts a new tab under the customer record that makes it simple to see what SLAs are assigned to each customer and view a history of violations, if any.

"Our best ideas for new features always come from TeamSupport customers," said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport, in a statement. "In business to business support, one of the most common things we hear is how difficult it is to manage multiple unique SLAs. There wasn't a great solution out there, so we designed one. As one TeamSupport user put it, with these improvements we've leapfrogged everyone in the industry, and the credit goes to our customers."