TeamSupport Integrates with Slack

TeamSupport, a B2B help desk and customer support software solutions company, has launched a feature so companies can post TeamSupport messages on Slack, a team communication tool for the technology sector. TeamSupport’s integration with Slack helps users keep track of all their work communication on a single platform.

"We're always looking for ways to improve our customers' efficiency and workflow," said Robert Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport, in a statement. "Slack is a natural integration for us because it's the #1 team communication tool in the technology space today, and TeamSupport, of course, has always been a collaborative support system. By integrating TeamSupport and Slack, support teams can share pertinent information faster and more efficiently."

With the new Slack integration feature, TeamSupport customers who use Slack can set up and configure automated TeamSupport feeds to any Slack channel. A Post to Slack option appears in the Ticket Automation function in TeamSupport to facilitate seamless data transfer. That way, Slack users can be notified in real-time when specified criteria are met, when urgent tickets come in, when tickets have gone stale, or even when positive or negative agent ratings are received.

"Now support agents can use the top communication tool together with the industry's best help desk and customer support software," Johnson said. "With TeamSupport's Slack integration, the workflow between the two solutions is simple and intuitive, making teamwork a breeze."

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The technology aims to provide TeamSupport users with deeper insights into how their customers feel about their experiences.

Posted June 26, 2018