Taylor Reach Expands Customer Experience Services

The Taylor Reach Group has expanded its customer experience consulting services with the addition of CX Health Check, a benchmarking service to assess the quality and effectiveness of the customer experience being delivered by contact centerss; CX Snapshotz, offering a deep analysis of live calls across centers; and CX Evaluation, providing a deep analysis of the customer journey.

"More than half of all customer interactions occur in contact centers today, yet most organizations do not have any real insight into this critical activity. Customer experience has significant impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. The customer experience delivered through contact centers has never been as critical to an organization's success as it is today," said Colin Taylor, CEO and chief chaos officer of The Taylor Reach Group, in a statement.

The CX Health Check benchmarks the customer experience against 50 leading metrics that have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the service and experience delivered. The detailed report highlights areas where the center is performing well, areas for improvement, and a comparison to how best-practice organizations deliver the customer experience through their contact centers.

CX Snapshotz assesses the centers' ability to deliver the desired experience, assessing the customer interaction against customer effort, rational and emotion connectedness. A detailed report is provided, assessing the center from a customer perspective across 30 variables.

CX Evaluation employs trained, psychological profilers who assess customer experience based on actual engagements, across 12 attributes that define superior experience delivery. CX Evaluation also allows organizations to assess the Return on the Experience (ROE).