Tata Communications to Acquire Kaleyra

Tata Communications will acquire communications platform-as-a-service provider Kaleyra for $100 million.

Kaleyra is an omnichannel integrated communication services provider offering targeted personalization through messaging, video, push notifications, email and voice-based services, and chatbots.

"With this investment in Kaleyra, we will accelerate our push into the customer interactions platform market and fortify our global CommTech position," said A.S. Lakshminarayanan, managing director and CEO of Tata Communications, in a statement. "We are excited about Kaleyra's remarkable talent and their demonstrated capabilities in next-gen technologies. With this acquisition, we will further build intelligent, intuitive, and innovative multichannel communication solutions to unlock new growth opportunities for our customers."

"When we launched Kaleyra 24 years ago with my co-founder Simone Fubini, I could hardly envision that our voyage would take us from a small Italian startup to global expansion, a publicly listed NYSE company, and now working together with a great technology leader like Tata Communications. This is a great day for Kaleyra, our shareholders, and our employees worldwide," Dario Calogero, founder and CEO of Kaleyra, said in a statement.