Talkdesk Releases Customer Sentiment Score

Talkdesk, a cloud-based call center software provider, has launched Talkdesk Customer Sentiment Score (CSS), which helps companies understand customer sentiment and predict potential customer unhappiness.

"Today's companies need to do so much more than simply allow customers to connect with them on a basic level," said Tiago Paiva, founder and CEO of Talkdesk, in a statement. "With the help of our Customer Sentiment Score, our users can go beyond simply handling customer concerns and proactively address and improve the customer experience."

With the Customer Sentiment Score, companies can now get a 360-degree view of their customers' happiness. Call center supervisors get visibility into agent performance, recurring product issues, and overall call center success.

The Customer Sentiment Score is calculated, in part, by measuring customer satisfaction via SMS after each interaction and asking call center agents to record their perceptions of the customer's mood when the conversation ended. Then, using a predictive analytics algorithm, Talkdesk evaluates everything from how many times a customer was transferred to the time of day that the interaction took place to produce a score in real time.

Customer Sentiment Score is the first step of a larger predictive analytics initiative at Talkdesk and part of the company's overall mission to enable better real-time interactions between businesses and their customers.

The company also added several new features to help businesses communicate with their customers in real time across any channel

With the launch of Talkdesk's omnichannel solution, businesses can now seamlessly interact across voice, SMS, and video.

Key features of the new omnichannel offering include the following:

  • Unified routing across channels;
  • Agent visibility via video or screenshare;
  • Seamless transition to video during existing customer calls;
  • Customized reports on SMS and video activity;and
  • Integration with business applications, including and Zendesk.

In addition to the Talkdesk application itself, with the launch of Talkdesk Callbar, businesses can enable call center agents to make calls from virtually any application through a Chrome extension. The Callbar can reveal critical caller information, such as contact history and biographical information, in real time to help agents make personalized connections from the moment the conversation starts.

Through an integration with Slack’s communication platform, Talkdesk users can start a conversation in Slack with individuals or groups of team members, supervisors, or experts with a single click.

Additional features include the following:

  • Improved coaching features: Call center supervisors can monitor live conversations and coach agents on Slack within the Talkdesk interface;
  • Agents can ask for help via Slack by sending a Talkdesk barge link to individuals or channels; and
  • Automated notifications can be enabled in Slack to notify team members when significant events occur such as queue spikes.