Talkdesk Launches Contact Center Managed Services

Talkdesk, a cloud contact center provider, today launched contact center managed services, powered by PPT Solutions, a provider of customer experience and contact center consulting.

Talkdesk Managed Services allows Talkdesk customers to supplement their own teams with an administrator responsible for managing the contact center software and associated tasks, such as adding and removing users, creating and modifying live dashboards, and setting up new integrations. Administrative experts can also measure, report, and analyze contact center operations and monitor and resolve issues before they disrupt agents, customers, or the business.

PPT Solutions is a Talkdesk implementation partner. It can help Talkdesk customers implement best practices to optimize every aspect of their contact centers.

"Outsourcing contact center administrative tasks gives organizations the opportunity to focus on developing contact center strategy and running the business. Our partnership with PPT Solutions empowers Talkdesk customers with access to some of the industry's best experts to help them do just that," said Tony Barbone, chief revenue officer of Talkdesk, in a statement. "We are helping companies quickly and easily address mundane contact center administrative responsibilities and focus on more strategic customer experience initiatives that increase loyalty and revenue."

"Providing Talkdesk customers with reliable, highly experienced, and skilled administrators to meet their evolving contact center demand is at the heart of what we do best," said Dennis Weikle, founder and managing director of PPT Solutions, in a statement. "By partnering with PPT Solutions to offer Managed Services, Talkdesk continues to work closely with clients to enable digital transformation across their organization and help improve their customer experience."

Talkdesk Managed Services comprises three packages—Essential, Advanced, and Elite—and an à la carte option.