Talkdesk Integrates with Zoom

Talkdesk, a cloud contact center solutions provider, has integrated with Zoom to expand collaboration capabilities by extending the pool of available employees to include departments and expertise outside of the traditional contact center.

"We're proud to have Talkdesk join our contact center program so we can offer companies a seamless and efficient phone experience across the entire organization," said Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, in a statement.

With Talkdesk Zoom integration, contact centers can combine Zoom Phone for voice and video communications with Talkdesk to enable employees to make and receive calls through a single voice channel throughout their organization. Existing phone numbers from Zoom Phone can be used with Talkdesk, meaning Zoom Phone customers retain their provider while leveraging the full suite of Talkdesk products available. Talkdesk Zoom integration adds value to communication efforts by providing session initiation protocol (SIP) trunk peering and intuitive call routing.

"Product integrations are key to the future success of contact center platforms. Through its direct integrations, such as Zoom, and product add-on options through AppConnect, Talkdesk is making it easier for customers to access enhanced capabilities and benefits. With Talkdesk Zoom integration, customers can leverage best-of-breed solutions for their business communications," said Blair Pleasant, president and principal analyst at COMMfusion, in a statement.

"Talkdesk Zoom integration is another exciting innovation we're introducing to the contact center industry as we constantly strive to be ahead of the curve," said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk, in a statement "Easily connecting agents with the enterprise and eliminating the conventional front-office and back-office divide offers seamless customer experience and creates a truly customer-centric business."