TRUSTID Partners with Avtex

TRUSTID, which was acquired by Neustar in Octobery, has joined forces with Avtex, a customer experience (CX) solutions provider. Avtex will be a reseller of TRUSTID's automated authentication solution, Authenticator, as part of its SmartTrack application.

Avtex has also integrated TRUSTID's product into SmartTrack, a fraud detection and prevention solution for call centers that thwarts fraudsters from attempting account takeovers.

With Authenticator, Avtex clients in verticals such as government, healthcare, and financial services, can provide a frictionless, pre-answer authentication solution for agents, while also identifying high-risk callers based on prior authentication attempts, interaction history, device type, and other factors. TRUSTID Authenticator uses a telephone network forensic approach to inspect calls from within the global telephone network to ensure than inbound calls are not spoofed, virtualized, or manipulated.

"As a company that delivers customer experience solutions, Avtex has seen the rise of fraud and resulting drop in operating efficiencies in the contact center. To secure privileged customer account access, companies have increased the scrutiny level of their callers, which often adds friction to the customer experience," said Alfredo Rizzo, vice president of solution architects and evangelists at Avtex, in a statement. "Our partnership with TRUSTID has allowed us to provide contact center agents and fraud analysts with actionable information for self-service applications at the point of answer in the contact center, resulting in a more expedited and effective authentication process for the customer and the company."

"If criminals armed with stolen personally identifying information can pass through an organization's caller authentication system, exploiting the call center agent to accomplish an account takeover is not difficult," said Pat Cox, vice president of Neustar and general manager of TRUSTID, in a statement. "Together with the world-class customer experience and fraud prevention solution offered by Avtex, we are helping create the immediate trust needed to start member interactions with 'How may I help you?' instead of 'Who are you and why should I trust you?'"