TCN Launches Data Explorer for Contact Center List Management

TCN, a provider of cloud-based call center platforms, today launched Data Explorer, a data visualization tool for its platform's List Management Services (LMS) application.

Data Explorer enables contact centers to proactively streamline data organization and management in real time.

"Data Explorer is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that empowers our clients to streamline data preparation and optimize organizational processes for their call center operations," said Jesse Bird, chief technology officer and co-founder of TCN, in a statement. "We are confident that Data Explorer sets them up for success by providing more efficient organization and views of their data and improves omnichannel visibility and consistent compliance."

Data Explorer allows users to interact with their data in real time and integrate data sets and channels from different sources. Data Explorer allows users to format data to fit what works best for their operations and spot check data in LMS to ensure everything is current and up-to-date, It is fully integrated into TCN's LMS advanced cloud contact center platform.