TCN Adds Agent Scoring to Voice Analytics

TCN, provider of a cloud-based call center platform, has added agent scorecards to its Voice Analytics features in its advanced contact center platform, TCN Operator, to drive agent performance and efficiency.

Integrated into Voice Analytics features, agent scorecards is built to measure contact center performance to provide feedback about call center agents, how they are performing, how customers are responding, and how those agents are following or deviating from company standard processes. Managers can customize the scorecards based on the weighted value of each criterion.

Voice Analytics will automatically transcribe calls and grade them based on pre-set criteria. Specific criteria can be set up to flag instances where agents are not saying specific statements required with certain compliance standards.

"With hundreds of calls happening at a call center every day, it can be difficult to expect every manager listening to the calls to rate them the same way with no criteria in place," said Jesse Bird, chief technology officer and co-founder of TCN, in a statement. "With the addition of agent scorecards, call center operators can take the vagueness out of the quality grading of each call and create a system that all managers can follow. This helps create consistency in the assessments and keeps the entire team more aligned on expectations and how to continue improving."