Sytel Launches Global Compliance

Sytel has launched Global Compliance to help contact centers manage consumer opt-outs and other no-contact rules across phone, email, SMS and other media types.

"We have always fought for the right of consumers to decide if, how, and when they want to engage with contact centers," said Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel, in a statement. "This product gives them all the protection and assurances they need. It also brings peace of mind to contact centers by allowing them to ensure that all their outbound business is geared to the needs and wishes of consumers, as well as being legitimate."

With Global Compliance, when any voice, email, chat, or SMS contact is launched, the engine will check in real time whether the customer has asked not to be contacted in this way. Similarly, in any live session, if the customer then asks not to be contacted in this way again, the compliance database is immediately updated.

Sytel works with internal and external do-not-call lists at the point of launch, and also takes into account rules around the time of day or frequency.

"Often the same customer will be targeted by multiple outreach programs across several contact centers," McKinlay added. "The Global Compliance engine carefully manages all contact attempts and retries as if from a single source."