Sytel Expands Softdial Cloud into Europe and APAC

Sytel has expanded the availability of Softdial Cloud, its contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) subscription facility throughout Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. Softdial Cloud was previously only available in North America. 

Softdial Cloud offers the following capabilities:

  • automated response to changing customer contact patterns, with full blending and balancing of all voice, email, chat and messaging queues;
  • a cloud automatic call distributor that will scale to in excess of 10,000 agents;
  • a predictive dialer;
  • in-session channel switching;
  • the ability for agents to multitask across contact channels at the same time;
  • a rich set of APIs to allow integration with any third-party product; and
  • comprehensive reporting for real-time monitoring and historical analysis.

"With Softdial Cloud, users can achieve more with the resources they have. Everything that can be automated is automated, so the best possible efficiency is maintained," said Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay in a statement. "Supervisors are freed from having to constantly monitor service levels. Agents are kept productive automatically, with the right workload for their ability, even multiple text sessions at once. Varied work helps to keep high-value agents engaged and attrition low."