Syncfusion Introduces BoldDesk

Syncfusion has launched BoldDesk, a help desk solution that joins its Bold line of enterprise products, which includes Bold BI, Bold Reports, and BoldSign.

"Since the inception of Syncfusion, one of the pillars of our business model has been excellent customer support," said Daniel Jebaraj, CEO of Syncfusion, in a statement. "BoldDesk is the customer service software system we've perfected, and it allows our team to provide the customer support we're known for. We're excited to share this technology with our customers."

BoldDesk allows organizations to automate customer support processes, convert incoming customer support emails into tickets and respond to them via email, automate the assignment of and response to tickets, collaborate with internal teams with private tickets and notes, tag tickets to prioritize based on urgency, and customize ticket forms and customer portal to match their brands. It also offers built-in analytics to track key performance indicators, such as average resolution time.