SutiSoft Releases SutiDesk 3.0.4

SutiSoft has released SutiDesk 3.0.4; with new features and enhancements to improve the overall experience of users.

These new features include the following:

  • Knowledge Base-a central repository where users can get answers to questions based on the product and category. The knowledge base allows users to view, copy and share articles and process/workflow-oriented solutions. Users are able to like or dislike articles.
  • Child Tickets-For any ticket, users can create any number of child tickets, assign to agents, and track the status of each ticket. A ticket can be closed only if the status of all the associated child tickets are closed.
  • Ticket Search Criteria-Users can select multiple search criteria and filter tickets by department, assigned agents, and status.
  • Custom Workflow-When a ticket is set to Need to Verify, SutiDesk sends email notifications to all agents defined in the custom workflow.
  • Alerts for Closed Tickets-Automatic email notifications will be triggered to all agents in a department on a daily basis when the status of a tickets is set to close.

Pricing for SutiDesk 3.0.4 starts at $19.95 per agent per month.