Sutherland Partners with Augment to Launch Sutherland CXi

Sutherland, a digital transformation company, partnered with Augment CXM, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered management tools for contact centers, to deliver Sutherland CXi to help companies observe patterns, predict outcomes and provide real-time guidance to enhance customer-agent interactions.

The application scans in real time every agent-customer interaction across channels and predicts which interactions have the probability of leading to negative outcomes. In addition, it provides learnings from similar interactions and feeds tips and insights so the agent can select the best possible path for the customer and the client.

"Unlike today's slow, cumbersome rear-view and random sampling method of coaching agents and measuring customer feedback, Sutherland CXi will provide operations teams and our customers a real-time view of [Net Promoter Score} drivers. It will help agents train faster and improve the ability for managers to use objective data to coach teams or isolate contact drivers," said Philip Say, vice president of product and general manager of AI solutions at Sutherland, in a statement. "Augment gives our floor managers the ability to coach agents through difficult interactions in real time and for rookie agents to become veterans in days vs. months since they are now empowered with all the historical data, outcomes, and interactions from past agents."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with a forward-looking organization like Sutherland to bring Augment's first-of-its-kind predictive intelligence into the workforce of the future," said Matt Swanson, founder and CEO of Augment, in a statement. "Together we're helping the world's largest consumer brands ensure every customer has an amazing experience."