Unveils Upgraded Live Support Software for Contact Centers, a provider of cloud-based software and services for technology support, has unveiled key new functionality in its flagship product, Nexus, a cloud-based solution that optimizes live support interactions for contact centers.  

“As leaders in implementation of complex software, consistent and high-quality processes are critical for us,” said Steve Zimba, CEO, Mural, in a statement. “We are pleased with our rollout of Nexus and are seeing real value from guided paths for our agents and interaction analytics for our management team, enabling us to continuously improve the support we provide for our customers.” customers are using Nexus to solve problems in multiple industries. Recent customer examples include:

  • Connected Home/Internet of Things: Service provider customers using Nexus to assist their connected home users with setting up their home automation network. Nexus is the first contact center solution provider to join the Icontrol Networks OpenHome Developers Program.
  • Mobile Device Support: Nexus customers using the technology to support and troubleshoot issues that users face with their smartphones and tablets, as well as applications and cloud services that they access from their devices.
  • Warranty Services: Warranty service providers using Nexus as a consistent, efficient and cost-effective way to triage device issues and file warranty claims.
  • Onboarding & Enablement: Customers driving consistency and efficiency for onboarding and enablement via Nexus. Agents are able to walk users through pre-activation, onboarding, and ongoing education, ensuring a positive first experience for the end user.

“Contact centers struggle with live support today as they deal with increased margin pressure, higher product complexity and an increase in third-party products,” said John Ragsdale, vice president of research, technology and social, Technology Services Industry Association, in a statement. “The Nexus solution from provides a unique approach for live support with guided paths for agents and actionable insights for managers from multiple data sources instead of just call recordings. This Nexus approach will please customers who want to deliver faster, easier and smarter live support.”

Nexus from, with its guided path functionality, is the first support interaction solution of its kind to combine agent interaction data with device data and process detail, providing deeper insights and continually optimizing support interactions.

Guided Paths give agents step-by-step guidance and automated tools to direct them through support interactions and features:

  • Path Creation: Easy to use, visual drag and drop path designer allows non-technical contact center personnel to create and edit guided paths that can be a combination of remote diagnostics, automation, and multi-media content.
  • Agent Navigator: Agents can quickly find the right guided path to use for specific problems.
  • Feedback Loop: Agents can provide feedback on the effectiveness of the paths and approved designers can publish changes and optimizations at the push of a button.

Interaction Analytics offer insight into live support with:

  • Interaction Tracking: Nexus tracks every step during the support interaction while gathering product, process and agent data.
  • Data Capture: Nexus now captures specific product and device information, such as operating system, installed applications, battery life, RAM, rooted/jail broken status and more so agents can diagnose problems more quickly.
  • Performance Analysis: Dashboards allow managers to analyze agent performance, view granular interaction detail, and optimize paths and processes for ongoing improvement.

Mobile Applications make live support of smartphones, tablets easy, and includes:

  • Remote Connection: Nexus now provides remote connect tools and automated support for mobile phones and tablets on multiple platforms.
  • OS Availability: Native iOS and Android applications are available on the App Store and Play Store.
  • Remote Configuration: Agents can remotely configure Wi-Fi networks, setup email accounts, review and uninstall apps, push URLs and more.
  • Integrations: Nexus integrates with leading CRM solutions as well as home automation device platforms like IControl Networks.                                                                                              

All of these features are built on the latest technology stacks to ensure flexibility and scalability, a powerful analytics platform to continuously enrich the intelligence capabilities, and a set of open APIs that allow Nexus to be easily integrated into the contact center software ecosystem.

“ is thrilled to provide our customers with best-in-class SaaS technology to drive tech support excellence,” said Sampath Gomatam, senior vice president of product,, in a statement. “Nexus incorporates what we’ve learned from handling over 20,000 support interactions per day for major brands and delivers breakthrough new features in analytics and optimization to help contact centers turn every agent into their most productive agent.”