Launches NexusConnect SDK for IoT Customer Care, makers of cloud-based Nexussoftware for support interaction optimization (SIO) and a provider of tech support and turnkey support center services, announced the release of the Nexus Connect SDK, a software development kit that embeds advanced Nexus functionality into iOS and Android applications.

"Given the explosive growth in the number of connected devices and the complexity of their interaction," said CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky, in a statement. “Support can no longer be about just fixing things when they break. It has to be about making sure that consumers get full value out of their technology. The first step toward that goal is making support a natural and seamless part of the entire customer journey."

The ability to provide these capabilities natively in mobile apps is a major step in implementing the vision to better address the Internet of Things (IoT) in addition to traditional technologies.

Using the new SDK, developers of any IoT or other mobile application can provide their end users with direct access to Nexus-enabled support agents via:

-- Remote diagnosis, repair and configuration management. 
-- SupportCam: “Eyes on the problem" remote video support service. 
-- Remote control and co-browsing of the device or app. 
-- Live chat.


Some functionality is dependent on the specific device-operating system combination.

Agents provide support using Guided Paths, the technology that sits at the heart of Nexus and acts like a GPS by providing step-by-step directions for addressing complex issues. In combination with the advanced functionality enabled by the Nexus Connect SDK, Guided Paths produce reductions in the time required to resolve issues, and virtually eliminate the need for second and third calls.