Enhances Nexus Guided Paths, a provider of tech support and turn-key support center services, has enhanced Guided Paths with added functionality for users of Nexus cloud applications.

Whether used by support organizations as a set of tools for agents or embedded in mobile apps or Web sites for self-service by consumers, Nexus Guided Paths offer step-by-step, contextual guidance for customer support and ongoing analytics and optimization of all support interactions.

Nexus Guided Paths is available to customers seeking self-service support via Nexus Self-Support. By collecting and analyzing support data from both self-service and assisted support interactions, the Nexus analytics engine can drive content optimization and increase consistency and effectiveness of support delivery across any channel consumers choose. When a consumer uses Nexus Self-Support and then decides to chat or call for professional support, the complete record of all steps taken is automatically available to the support representative.

Nexus now assists support teams with even more complex workflow logic by incorporating decision points, or branching logic, into Guided Paths. Moreover, agents can automatically invoke Web apps directly from steps of Guided Paths. has introduced a number of other product enhancements to facilitate the creation of Guided Paths from existing knowledge bases. Support teams can directly import content from Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents, include pointers to external content, and embed Web apps within Guided Paths. An intuitive, drag-and-drop interface provides a quick way to build, analyze, update, and manage Guided Paths.

"In the first three quarters of 2015, we have seen an increase of over 110 percent in the number of customer support agents actively using Nexus with access to the benefits of Guided Paths," said Sampath Gomatam, senior vice president of product at, in a statement. " works with customers in various market segments, including tech support service providers, software makers, business and consumer electronics manufacturers, communications service providers, and IoT device and app builders."