SuccessKPI and LiveVox Partner

SuccessKPI, a cloud-native contact center customer experience insight and action platform provider, is partnering with LiveVox, a provider of customer service and digital engagement tools, in an integration that will give LiveVox customers access to SuccessKPI's platform.

SuccessKPI's all-in-one insights and action platform provides a 360-degree view into the health of the contact center. It includes a purpose-built business intelligence layer, contact center analytics, speech and text analytics, speech transcription, quality management, SuccessKPI Playbooks, and advanced reporting and visualizations.

"As organizations today continue to shift more and more to a digital environment, data, analytics, and enhanced business intelligence are essential to drive an exceptional customer experience," said Louis Summe, CEO and co-founder of LiveVox, in a statement. "Our integration with SuccessKPI is well-aligned with our product vision and enhances the business intelligence and analytics that we already provide to customers by bringing additional data into the ecosystem and enabling real-time agent assist and decision-making capabilities."

"Our company couldn't be more pleased at the opportunity to support billions of interactions per year with LiveVox. Combining our technologies, LiveVox and SuccessKPI are together leading the next generation of customer experience," said Dave Rennyson, co-founder and CEO of SuccessKPI, in a statement.

"The LiveVox and SuccessKPI partnership is very exciting. Overnight we had more insight into the conversations in our organization around the globe with no integration effort required," said Tim Collins, chief customer officer of InDebted, in a statement. "With this new partnership, we expect to see a significant increase in customer experience, agent retention, compliance, and company profitability."