StepOne Releases Solutions that Unify Customer Experiences

StepOne, a provider of predictive management solutions, has launched three industry solutions that help improve customer experience in retail, product fulfillment and onboarding, and customer support.

As customer experiences become increasingly fragmented across real-world and digital channels, enterprises are working tirelessly to unify the customer experience and ensure that brand engagement is consistent no matter the touch point with a customer. StepOne solves these problems with solutions that are custom-designed for industry and use-case specific pain points.

The new solutions include Post-Retail Engagement, Order to Advocate, and One Touch Help. Powered by advanced machine learning and predictive analytics, each solution helps businesses ensure their customers experience the very best of their brand in a consistent manner throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

“Brands are betting the farm on the customer experience in 2015, but the new customer journey spans stores, phones, desktops, Web sites, boxes, and more,” says Alex Mitchell, co-founder and CEO, StepOne, in a statement. “As customers become more connected through multiple channels, brands need to understand customer context at all times. With these solutions, were making it possible to deliver experiences that are personal, context-driven, dynamic, and all built on top of their existing systems.

StepOnes’ new solutions include:

  • Post-Retail Engagement: Extends the personalized experience of physical retail stores to a customers’ phone, tablet, PC, or TV. Purpose-built tools seamlessly extend the high-touch service experience to the digital universe, making it easy to keep customers engaged after they leave the store through personalized collateral and messaging.
  • Order to Advocate: Simplifies the digital transformation of product fulfillment and customer onboarding---from first-time digital installation and setup assistance to troubleshooting, add-ons and upgrades. Now companies can associate customers to the products and services they buy as they purchase them, and replace paper set-up guides with personalized digital experiences that turn customers into advocates.
  • One Touch Help: Enables businesses to embed personal and contextually relevant help into their existing apps and websites. Customers are immediately provided useful support content and are no longer forced to wade through complex directories, search results, and FAQs. In one click, a customers current situation and needs are captured and relevant help is surfaced. StepOne makes personalization easy because there are no rules to write.

Each of these new solutions improves customer advocacy while lowering support costs to the brand and leverages the functionalities of StepOnes’ core product portfolio. StepOnes flagship product, Contextual Care, is an adaptive self-service platform that makes it easy for customers to resolve problems by delivering contextually relevant support content such as YouTube videos or Lithium social customer support articles.

StepOnes’ recently released CX Profiler solution is a suite of diagnostic tools that grades support content based on substantive underlying analytics, revealing important insights and providing specific recommendations for improvement.

“Companies understand that they have a wealth of customer data that can personalize and unify experiences across any channel,” said Bill Gravette, StepOne co-founder and vice president, product, in a statement. “The challenge is putting that data into context, making the most productive use of it, and doing so at scale. A great customer experience cannot be programmed. It must be discovered through actual customer engagement. We have built the platform that makes that achievable for any enterprise."