Startel Releases Standalone Voice Logger Solution

Startel, a provider of unified business communications for contact centers and telephone answering services, has rolled out the Startel Standalone Voice Logger application, a tool that allows users to search, play, save and email Startel Voice Logger clips. As a standalone application, customers and end users can benefit from the time savings associated with searching for and listening to inbound and outbound calls.

“Previously, if you wanted to search for Startel Voice Logger clips, it was necessary to use the Startel Soft Switch Web Config interface,” said Bill Lane, president and CEO, Startel in a statement. “Now that the application is separate from the Startel Soft Switch, it frees up resources and optimizes retrieval and playback, resulting in a quicker response time of customer requests.”

Users of the Startel Standalone Voice Logger benefit from the advantages that are built-in to the standalone platform, including:

• Enhanced Search Criteria: Calls can now be searched by call duration, allowing users to quickly and easily find and review clips exceeding a pre-determined time limit for quality monitoring.

• Immediate Access of Clips: Inbound and outbound clips are moved from the Startel Soft Switch to a media storage drive immediately after call completion, allowing for instant access to clips.

• Improved Performance: Clip query performance has greatly improved since this is a Windows-based application and clips are stored on a media storage drive.