Squelch Emerges from Stealth with Customer Service Tool

Squelch, a provider of real-time customer experience optimization for customer support and customer success teams, today launched from stealth with $8 million in Series A funding from Shasta Ventures and Correlation Ventures. The company also launched its flagship SaaS product, which queries data sets in the cloud and instantly serves up current, relevant intelligence to customer-facing agents at the precise moment of customer interaction. Squelch seamlessly integrates with most SaaS-based applications, including Salesforce.com, Slack, Box, Confluence, Jira, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

Squelch equips agents with insights into the customer journey and the best path to resolution of customer issues. The cloud-based application also gets smarter with each use. It applies a deep classification schema paired with auto-topic identification rules and machine learning algorithms that immediately recognize enterprise-specific objects and learn as users input queries. AI and machine learning allow Squelch to learn what information really matters within a company as well as how it all fits together.

Squelch continually monitors and gathers data from all the sources agents use to serve customers including email, customer management and support solutions as well as team communication and collaboration tools, while creating a combined index to quickly and easily search issues and resolutions on-demand. When a customer reaches out to a company, Squelch populates the right intelligence automatically into the agent dashboard. Customer agents can also expand any item within the dashboard, read the recommended digest, and give feedback.

"Customer support and success agents spend way too much time looking for the information they need to deliver customer value," said Jayaram Bhat, CEO of Squelch, in a statement. "We founded Squelch to solve that problem and help these customer heroes provide a quality experience, starting with customer onboarding on day one through a trouble ticket on day 1,001. Our solution also gives managers and stakeholders access to trends, analytics, and reports so they can gain deeper insights into how customer experience operations are influencing the bottom line. We all know that happy customers are profitable, repeat customers, and happy agents get you there."

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With its latest round of funding, the vendor sets out to tackle the task of unifying back-end business tools, including Salesforce, Google Drive, Slack, and others, and then extracting data from these channels to make it available as soon as an agent needs access to it.

Posted April 05, 2019