Speakeasy AI Launches Reporting with SE Analytics 2.0

Speakeasy AI today released version 2.0 of its SE Analytics voice AI reporting system. This latest release works seamlessly with Amplify customer journey reporting and the Speakeasy AI administrative console.

SE Analytics 2.0 allows Speakeasy AI users to tailor voice reporting to track key performance indicators segmented by business areas, projects, and custom data points. Once a report and dashboard have been created, the produced charts or tables can be embedded within other applications.

SE Analaytics 2.0 can pull information from databases, API calls, or anything that can be transformed into an object. Customer relationships can be set within the application to pull data and build queries from multiple tables. The presentation of this narrative is entirely customizable, shareable, and can be integrated with other systems.

"We set out to create reporting that would help fulfill our mission to allow enterprises to fully integrate the best components of a voice, AI, and data ecosystem," said Speakeasy's chief technology officer, Moshe Villaizan, in a statement.

"Our latest release, combined with Amplify, can enable better, easier voice experiences. We believe that's the key to successful AI-driven voice CX," said Speakeasy CEO Frank Schneider in a statement.