Sparkcentral and IntelCal Forge Reseller Partnership

Sparkcentral, a messaging customer service platform company, has signed an exclusive reseller partnership with IntelCal Solutions for the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and other parts of Central and South America.

The partnership makes Sparkcentral's solution for WhatsApp, chat, social, and messaging customer care available for businesses throughout the region.

IntelCal Solutions, headquartered in Puerto Rico, is a contact center outsourcing services and solutions provider. It offers a turnkey service, including in-house agents to outsource digital customer care on modern messaging channels. In addition, IntelCal will be reselling and supporting the Sparkcentral platform for companies with existing customer care departments.

Sparkcentral's all-in-one messaging platform brings together messaging, social and web chat into one universal queue for digital customer service agents.

"The new partnership will enable banks, insurances, retailers, travel & hospitality and all other B2C companies that want to excel in customer service through messaging. We can get them started quickly, within weeks, and deliver significant ROI," said Jon Zorio, vice president of sales and customer success at Sparkcentral, in a statement.

"With Sparkcentral we are adding a best-of-breed solution for messaging customer service to our portfolio," said Erick Morales, president of IntelCal, in a statement. "WhatsApp is the main way consumers are communicating in our region nowadays; we have not only added the industry-leading solution, but also significant experience to our suite of customer service offerings."