Sparkcentral Launches Instagram Support in Summer ’15 Release

Sparkcentral announced the Summer ‘15 release of its real-time customer engagement platform. The solution includes enhanced user interface (UI) design and workflow to support multimedia and Instagram integration, providing a unified customer service experience for high volume, service-first enterprises.

Instagram Support does more than just centralize social media customer support; the release brings the native feel of Instagram into the contact center. Unlike other solutions on the market that just show sequential customer information, Sparkcentral allows agents to isolate individual conversations and assign them appropriately. The addition of Instagram increases agent efficiency while still providing the speed and personal touch customers expect.

The release also allows customer care agents to view images and videos directly from the Sparkcentral UI. This is a significant time saver in an industry where every second counts. Agents no longer have to exit the application to gain context of the original post. This deviates from other platforms, which may link out to an image or video using a URL, or in some cases no video support at all.

“Now customer care teams have a holistic unified view of conversations going on across all major social media networks,” said Sparkcentral CEO Davy Kestens in a statement. “Agents can respond real-time, engage one-to-one and have in-context conversations with their customers. It is a functionality that truly streamlines the process for exceptional customer service and enables our customers to set themselves apart from the competition.”