SoundBite Debuts DecisionPoint Analytics

SoundBite Communications has rolled out DecisionPoint, a cloud-based, real-time analytics solution that offers complete visibility into campaign performance and provides business users with on-demand access to intuitive dashboards, interactive visualizations, and customized reporting to optimize customer engagements.

The solution works in conjunction with SoundBite's cross-channel customer engagement platforms and solutions to deliver real-time, actionable, and integrated contact strategy reporting, monitoring, and optimization. DecisionPoint leverages interactive visualizations, performance monitoring, data mining, and predictive analytics to provide insights.

Features include:

  • Analytics across and within channels, including: voice (predictive dialer automated voice messaging), text, e-mail, and the Internet.
  • Intuitive and interactive dashboards, graphs,and visualizations.
  • On-demand access via browsers, tablets, mobile devices, and wall boards.
  • Automated and scheduled e-mail alerts.
  • Export capabilities, including into Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF, and PPT.