SmartAction Releases Rapid Response Virtual Agent

SmartAction, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered virtual agents for contact centers, has released Rapid Response Virtual Agent to combat extended hold times related to COVID-19 inquiries.

"Any crisis triggers extended hold times due to callers with commonly asked questions or callers who should be screened with qualifying questions to designate an escalation path, if any. There have been instances of nurses who answer nearly 100 calls an hour instead of providing much-needed patient care. All of these calls can be screened with AI to both answer questions and ask questions to determine who should be escalated to human assistance," said Gary Davis, president of SmartAction, in a statement.

During this pandemic, SmartAction is making its Rapid Response Virtual Agent available to at-risk organizations with zero setup fees, which includes all required customization and integration.

With Rapid Response Virtual Agent, the virtual agent intercepts callers with a crisis-specific greeting and offers to send a text link to an answer center (or screening tool) that can help them immediately instead of waiting on hold. The caller accepts SMS, clicks link, and interacts with an intuitive chatbot that screens callers or resolves their crisis-related questions.