Simplr Introduces the EngageNow Suite

Simplr today released the EngageNow Suite, combining chatbot technology and human agents though an artificial intelligence-powered platform.

The EngageNow Suite automatically routes customer inquiries to the channel that will resolve the issue at hand. Leveraging advanced intent detection and machine learning, the Simplr platform automatically guides either the bot or the human agent to respond to the customer.

Simplr EngageNow consists of two integrated components: The Simplr Chatbot and Simplr's Human Cloud Network of customer support specialists. The chatbot learns from human agent interactions over time, driving up the amount of inquiries which can be resolved via automation. Additionally, the platform is self-optimizing, leveraging data such as customer effort score, intent and urgency detection, and customer likelihood of purchase to improve routing processes and recommended responses to customers. Additionally, Simplr is a fully managed service, meaning Simplr's conversational UX designers and data scientists build fully customized experiences.

"Any CX leader who understands the mindset of today's consumers also understands that the CX status quo—investing in outdated and costly [business process outsourcing] services patched together with chatbots that do little other than leave customers frustrated—is a recipe for disaster," said Amit Sood, chief product officer of Simplr, in a statement. "We have introduced the EngageNow Suite to shatter the status quo by taking the best parts of real human support and automation while eliminating the downsides of both."