SightCall Integrates with LanguageLine

SightCall, providers of an augmented reality-powered visual assistance platform, has integrated with LanguageLine Solutions, a provider of on-demand language services, to provide live speech interpretation during video calls.

From within a SightCall video session, customers in need of language support can now instantly request a LanguageLine expert to join a session. This three-way interaction between an agent, their guest, and an interpreter is seamless within the SightCall platform.

"SightCall was purpose-built to improve field service and customer service communications by enabling experts to see and guide remotely with AR-powered video," said Thomas Cottereau, founder and CEO of SightCall, in a statement. "The LanguageLine integration fits naturally into our platform ecosystem, further improving communications for customers that can benefit from on-demand interpreters to improve accuracy and understanding in field service and customer service interactions. We are thrilled to move forward together, offering this industry-first solution to drive more global and inclusive operations for enterprise service."

"In nearly every sector, interpretation services have moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have," LanguageLine President and CEO Scott W. Klein said in a statement. "For example, a major health insurance firm has announced they will engage LanguageLine through the SightCall platform to alleviate communication barriers specific to telehealth. This will broaden the accessibility of remote clinical services to even more patients. We are excited to work with SightCall to advance the communications capabilities of our mutual customers."