Sharpen Introduces Agent Experience Score

Sharpen Technologies has made generally available its Agent Experience Score (AXS), incorporating a new empowerment metric into traditional key performance indicators. The empowerment measure captures agents' perceived value, development, and sense of connectedness within the organization.

AXS uses a proprietary algorithm to aggregate and quantify agent empowerment, efficiency, and effectiveness. Individual agent experience scores can also be rolled up by groups, revealing insights into team performance.

Sharpen has also added bots that drive in-line coaching opportunities to managers and microlearning exercises to agents.

"Agent experience, or AX, plays a key role in the customer experience, and agent engagement is critical to both," said Blair Pleasant, president and principal analyst at COMMfusion and a co-founder of BCStrategies, in a statement. "The problem is that 89 percent of companies rank employee engagement as an important priority, but only one quarter of them consider their agents to be extremely engaged. Sharpen's AXS seeks to connect this divide by intelligently aggregating all dimensions of the agent experience to give managers the insight they need to more deeply engage agents so they can deliver better customer experiences"

"The evidence is overwhelming that satisfied, well-trained agents result in happier customers," said Adam Settle, vice president of product for Sharpen Technologies, in a statement. "But we also know that in a fast-paced contact center environment, it can be hard to identify the right coaching opportunities at the right time. By combining AXS with intelligent coaching tools, we're helping managers develop the agents they count on to take care of their customers."

Sharpen's AXS and associated monitoring, coaching, and agent development features are included in the company's contact center platform license, which offers omnichannel routing, omnichannel IVR, analytics, reporting, surveys, and more.