Sevis Launches eCallMe!

Sevis Systems has introduced eCallMe!, a hybrid call verification and customer engagement platform for contact centers. It provides Trusted Caller ID natively on both Apple iOS and Android devices.

"Customers are bombarded with spam calls on a daily basis and no longer answer calls from phone numbers they don't recognize," said Fletcher Hamilton, CEO of Sevis Systems, in a statement. "This has had a huge impact on how enterprises get in touch with their customers. eCallMe!'s premise is simple: to help enterprises get their good calls answered and prevent fraudulent calls from being answered by customers."

eCallMe! integrates within existing outbound calling infrastructures. A secure cloud-based portal enables contact center representatives to compose and send pre-call notifications directly to customers' mobile devices. This secure pre-call notification informs the customer with the call purpose, the specific phone number that will be calling, and the timing of the call. When that call reaches the customer's device, the Trusted Caller ID will display the company logo, the call purpose, and a valid call identifier. Should a fraudster attempt to spoof a business phone number, eCallMe! will recognize that it's a fraudulent call and the Trusted Caller ID will display a fraudulent call warning to the customer. Throughout the process, the solution never transfers any personally identifiable information (PII) of any customers.

"eCallMe! will set a new standard for how customers wish to do business with enterprises over the phone," said Ronnie Gomez, vice president of sales and business development at Sevis Systems, in a statement. "Unlike similar solutions on the market, eCallMe! is device- and carrier-agnostic, allowing enterprises to provide the same experience to all of their customers and not be limited to just Apple or just Android users."

eCallMe! also offers calendaring functionality where customers and businesses can schedule calls.

"Having the ability to schedule calls in advance will eliminate the uncertainty that currently frustrates both customers and enterprises alike. This will result in higher customer satisfaction and significantly increase the enterprise's overall brand value in the marketplace," said Krishna Korlepara, director of product management at Sevis Systems, in a statement.