Sensory Unveils In-App Virtual Bank Teller

Sensory, a provider of on-device artificial intelligence technology, will introduce an in-app virtual teller for smartphones and tablets. This turnkey solution, which will be commercially available later this year, includes application source code for bank customization and technology modules for Sensory's complete product line, including TrulySecure, TrulyNatural, and TrulyHandsfree.

Sensory's speech-based natural language user interface is powered by TrulyNatural, Sensory's embedded large vocabulary speech recognizer with hands-free wakeup from TrulyHandsfree technology. This allows users to interact with the app by voice, saying the kinds of things they'd say to a human bank teller. A talking avatar with lip synchronization and text-to-speech synthesis is added so that the app can speak its responses back to the user.

The virtual teller experience integrates TrulySecure, a fusion of face and voice biometric authentication technologies. The bank teller simply looks at users and hears their voices to confirm identities.

Like all Sensory technologies, the in-app virtual teller runs completely on device.

"Not all banking apps are simple to navigate. Sometimes adding security detracts from the user experience," said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory, in a statement. "Taking what we've learned from more than two decades of revolutionizing how people interact with technology, we've created a smart, convenient and very secure user interface for mobile banking apps that emulates the experience of interacting with a human bank teller. Now, with a virtual teller on any mobile phone, users can check their balance, wire money, apply for a loan and more by simply speaking to the virtual teller in their banking app."