Sendbird Launches FAQ Bot

Sendbird, a mobile engagement and communication company, has released FAQ Bot for Sendbird Desk to immediately respond to simple or common questions posed by customers within the app while routing more complex questions to live agents if needed.

Sendbird Desk lets organizations embed live chat support and combines a chat API with a support agent dashboard for monitoring and managing customer support conversations. The new FAQ Bot feature will automatically answer the most common customer questions 24/7 without requiring a live agent.

"Our FAQ Bot helps customers balance the need to automate certain customer conversations at scale with the need to humanize other customer interactions with a live person," said John Kim, co-founder and CEO of Sendbird, in a statement. "By adding this feature to Sendbird Desk, our customers increase the quality and focus of customer interactions with live agents, while the bot can automate response to more basic inquiries. With this feature integrated into Sendbird Desk, we've also made it very simple for developers to deploy everything they need for a compelling inside-the-mobile app customer support experience."

Virgin Mobile was the first customer to deploy the FAQ Bot.

"Sendbird worked very closely with us as a customer to develop this FAQ Bot," said Ozgur Gemici, a senior product manager at Virgin Mobile, in a statement. "We are excited to expand our capacity to answer customer questions within our app without having to add live agents. The intelligent automation of Sendbird's FAQ Bot also makes our agents' lives exponentially easier, and our customers appreciate the immediate response."