Semafone Introduces Cardprotect Relay+

Semafone, a provider of data security and compliance solutions for call and contact centers, today introduced Cardprotect Relay+, a solution that enables businesses to securely accept payments through any customer engagement channel while simplifying compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). 

With Cardprotect Relay+ businesses can generate secure digital payment hyperlinks that can be sent via webchat, social media, email, SMS, QR codes, e-commerce sites, or m-commerce sites and consumed by chatbots and artificial intelligence while descoping Big Data and machine learning technologies.

"Organizations in all industries are struggling to provide unified, seamless customer experiences across a host of different channels," said Gary Barnett, CEO of Semafone, in a statement. "Cardprotect Relay+ makes it easy to securely transact with customers in any channel, be it voice, digital, in-person, or even via a paper printed QR code, by simply sending a payment link for a fast, frictionless, and secure payment process."

With Cardprotect Relay+, customers simply click the secure link to enter their payment details. Their sensitive payment data and personally identifiable information (PII) is securely routed directly to the payment service provider (PSP) and never enters the merchant businesses’ network infrastructure. At the same time, real-time progress updates are relayed to the merchant business as the link is opened, payment information has been collected, and the payment has been successfully processed.

Cardprotect Relay+ integrates with third-party applications, supporting all transaction types, currencies and major PSPs. For stronger security, businesses can choose to password protect links, retire unused links if a payment has been made via another channel or after a specified amount of time, restrict certain geographic regions based on IP address, or control how many attempts or retries a customer can use to complete payment.

"While speaking on the phone remains one of the most popular ways for consumers to connect with customer service for payment or billing issues, digital channels are quickly growing in popularity as consumers increasingly embrace self-service and digital transactions," Barnett said. "Cardprotect Relay+ will allow businesses to accelerate digital transformation projections and leverage these fast-growing channels, creating a seamless, omnichannel experience that increases sales conversion rates and boosts customer loyalty, while simplifying PCI DSS compliance."