SaleMove Releases Omnibrowse

SaleMove today launched Omnibrowse, a solution that allows customer service agents to see customer web sessions and co-browse collaboratively while they are on the phone.

OmniBrowse can be installed into existing third-party contact center or CRM solutions and enables SaleMove's patented live observation and co-browsing. In addition to the live co-browsing session, agents can also browse collaboratively with a single-click directly within a customer record within a CRM or similar software.

"We imagine a world where customer engagement can take place on any channel in real time with live human agents ready to provide immediate support armed with rich context, all while moving entirely away from legacy phone calls," said Dan Michaeli, co-founder and CEO of SaleMove, in a statement. "Customers increasingly expect a better customer experience from businesses; Omnibrowse elevates customer experience to a new level by better enabling companies to engage with their customers, resolving their issues more thoroughly and with more time-efficiency."