Saddleback Enhances Hosted Call Center Solution

Saddleback Communications has announced new features and updates to its hosted call center solution. The features focus on improving overall user experience providing users more control and flexibility.

The updates include:

  • The navigation has been re-configured to be more intuitive giving user more control while they are logged-in the call center agent hub (CCA). The changes in the navigation will enable users to access desired parts of the solution faster and eliminate the issues of being logged out during a session.
  • The search functionality has be updated providing user with rapid insights and information.
  • Various back-end changes have been implemented making the CCA more responsive. With improved caching and less dependency on registry, overall processing times will decrease significantly and enable users to perform tasks faster and provide consistent and great customer experience.

Saddleback is also introducing a report management system. The system will enable clients to schedule single or multiple reports to be delivered at the desired date and time. It is completely automated and will enable the user to receive multiple reports via email.