Sabio Group Expands Partnerships with Google Cloud and Twilio

Sabio Group, a digital customer experience (CX) transformation company, has expanded its partnerships with Google Cloud and Twilio by building a new solution to rapidly deploy Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) across the Twilio Flex platform.

The Sabio connector enables businesses to use the Twilio Flex to optimize their customer and agent experience, with conversational virtual agents powered-by Google Cloud's Dialogflow CX, Agent Assist, and CCAI insights.

"This is an exciting next phase of our partnership with Google Cloud and Twilio and one that strongly showcases how AI can be used to transform customer experiences," said Stuart Dorman, Sabio's chief innovation officer, in a statement. "We have been developing our own products around Twilio's Programmable Voice combined with Google Cloud CCAI for the last two years and are excited to expand these capabilities to Twilio Flex. Our native integrations with Google Cloud provide customers with instant access to a world-leading conversation AI platform."

"Organizations are seeing the power of AI in transforming customer service and delivering great customer engagement. The expansion of the partnership between Google Cloud, Sabio, and Twilio enables customers to rapidly build, deploy, and iterate Google Cloud CCAI capabilities with the programmable power of Twilio Flex," said Matt Rogers, vice president of market development at Twilio, in a statement. "Deploying this solution enables customers to deliver key enhancements using conversational virtual agents across all channels, with real-time assistance for agents, all via a single agent desktop and using CCAI insights to drive continuous improvements. The strengthened partnership enables a single cloud platform capable of delivering highly personalized and intelligent contact center capabilities, enabling delightful customer engagements."