SAP and MindTouch Partner

MindTouch has announced a partnership with SAP, in which its solution will be used to complement SAP cloud solutions, including SAP Cloud for Service and SAP Cloud for Social Engagement.

The combined solution is designed to deliver quick responses and helps maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing the need to contact an agent or send an e-mail, according to the companies.

The MindTouch system takes information from Facebook, Twitter, CRM agents, Web sites and other communities to create a comprehensive profile of the customer’s product history. This helps companies gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs so they are able to provide a delightful service experience while reducing response times and minimizing ticket generation. Service agents are also able to help customers take advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities at the right time.

The integrated solution features:

  • Multi-channel distribution of relevant and up-to-date product and customer information.
  • Continually optimized content generated by a collaborative virtuous cycle between product experts and their end-users.
  • Enhanced customer intelligence gleaned from MindTouch tools and analytics, which helps drive marketing, product and customer experience initiatives to better serve customers.