RealPage Launches Contact Center 3.0

RealPage has launched Contact Center 3.0, which combines artificial intelligence, live agent services, marketing, and data analysis to support lead-to-lease conversion.

"Our existing contact center solutions get the right information at the right time to prospects through their preferred communication channel, 24/7. Prospects can always reach a property they're interested in. It's a better experience," said Jon Pastor, RealPage's senior vice president of renter engagement solutions, in a statement. "With RealPage's Contact Center, properties see 20 percent more appointments vs. their onsite team and 10 percent more than other call center competitors, more highly-qualified leads, higher conversions and more efficient marketing spend. With the additional functionality in our new Contact Center 3.0 suite, properties are seeing an additional 4 percent improvement in visits from prospects through a more personalized experience. The leasing ecosystem will never be the same."

Unique features in Contact Center 3.0 include the following:

  • Enhanced Guest Cards: Capture all communications at every touchpoint and every channel in a single, integrated guest card. This allows property owners and managers to identify and prioritize leads with the highest probability of closing. Additionally, onsite staff can now give prospects one consistent experience no matter who last handled the conversation.
  • Dynamic Landing Pages: Personalize the follow-up to the prospect with visual email content that matches the prospect's stated interests. AI technology gathers information from conversations between a prospect and the contact center.
  • Omnichannel: Handles all prospect communications across all channels, whether a phone call, email, text, chat, or website.
  • Integration with all major property management software systems, including RealPage, Entrata, Yardi, and MRI.

"The Dynamic Landing Page is exactly what our prospects have asked for," said Judy Olive, chief financial officer at Landmark Property Services, in a statement. "Say they're a dog lover who wants to be near the state capital to attend the dog shows. Our email includes pictures of the capital. They'll say, 'Wow, they really listened! Maybe this is the place for me.' To then be able to schedule their own tour is the best thing ever. They can do it at 3 am, a week later, whenever. All they have to do is pull up the email and schedule the visit. We're meeting our prospects where they are, a must for today."