Radish to Release Choiceview iOS 7 App for Visual Communication with IVRs

Radish Systems, a mobile and enterprise software and professional services company that provides the patented ChoiceView multichannel “voice with visuals” platform is readying the release of ChoiceView iOS 7 app next week. ChoiceView offers the next generation of multimodal unified communications, allowing visual information and secure data from businesses to be shared during a phone call with callers using any phone and any network.

The ChoiceView app has been updated for iOS 7 and is now available at the Apple App Store. When you call a business, the app provides the fastest and most efficient way to interact — whether you’re communicating with an IVR system or a contact center agent. The app works with iPhones, iPads and any associated phone, including landlines. Enhancements include the iOS 7 user interface plus improved local history so that users can revisit ChoiceView content without a data connection.

“The ChoiceView app provides a high performance and secure way for data to be exchanged during a phone call between mobile devices and businesses, and it does so in a way that’s totally compatible with the existing business infrastructure,” said Richard Davis, Radish CTO, in a statement. “This approach avoids the typical limitations of HTTP-based architectures and provides next-generation capabilities well beyond Web browsing in the presence of a phone call.”