Radish is Awarded Patent for Voice and Data Communications

Radish Systems, a provider of voice and data mobility solutions for visual customer service, has been awarded a second patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its ChoiceView integrated voice/data technology.

ChoiceView marries telephone and Internet technology for rich voice with visuals calls. U.S. patent 9,521,259 covers most any conceivable way for users to engage in voice-and-visual calls with businesses, even though they might not use a smartphone, have a pre-installed app, or expect anything other than a voice-only call. It also covers new system configurations for businesses.

ChoiceView provides a cloud-based switching mechanism for establishing data sessions with phone calls or chat sessions. The new patent covers a subset of ChoiceView, where the switching mechanism in certain cases reduces to a website. As a result, ChoiceView allows a website to become a visual IVR or a voice-only IVR to be upgraded to a visual IVR. ChoiceView also supports seamless visual transfer to live agents for continued visual sharing.

Inventors of the technology are Richard Davis, Radish's chief technical officer, and Anthony Brittain, Radish's chief achitect.

"ChoiceView provides a new communications channel and enables new feature capabilities for the millions and millions of voice-only ports and contact center positions in the business installed base, and it does so without displacing or breaking existing hardware or software," Davis said in a statement.

"A unique aspect of ChoiceView is its cloud-based switching platform that establishes secure data sessions between users and businesses while following the routing of phone calls and chat sessions," Brittain said in a statement.

ChoiceView allows upgrade of existing IVRs, contact centers, and other systems from voice-only to voice-and-data communications. It preserves compatibility with existing dialing plans, call routing, queuing, and business phone infrastructures. It also works with Skype, WebRTC, and other in-band voice services, allowing callers to start sessions with a browser instead of a phone call. In addition, ChoiceView adds a visual dimension to chat bots, phone bots, and other artificial intelligence systems. Users can work on any phone and see visuals in the browser of any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

The ChoiceView web app also allows integration of ChoiceView functionality in existing mobile apps. The app simply points to a ChoiceView URL in a WebKit environment. Radish offers free iOS and Android ChoiceView mobile apps that provide additional functionality.

Live agents use ChoiceView Live Agent software, providing a broad range of capabilities for visual and data sharing. It includes a standard ANI screen pop mechanism for calls and enhanced caller ID.

IVRs plug into the ChoiceView cloud via an open REST API with a script change only. ChoiceView callers see a visual menu and hear "Please tap your menu selection." ChoiceView-equipped IVRs can seamlessly transfer visual calls to live agents.