Qualtrics and CFMC Team, Offer Online Survey Engine for Call Centers

Conducting multichannel market research in today's hyper-competitive markets is a must. Successful organizations understand this imperative and leverage research programs to gather critical insights that inform product development efforts, marketing campaigns, public opinion research, and customer experience programs. As technology advances and new channels emerge, it is essential that researchers identify the most appropriate channels for gathering data and work to combine multiple feedback mechanisms.

To address this need, Qualtrics and CFMC have partnered to provide researchers with the means to reach desired demographics. This partnership combines CFMC's Survox survey call center automation solution with Qualtrics Research Suite to provide flexible, multimode options for survey research, allowing users to conduct online and phone surveys concurrently or consecutively.

"The CFMC Qualtrics collaboration combines capabilities that allow researchers to meet aggressive quota targets and survey complete rates," said Jason Kagel, vice president, development, CFMC, in a statement. "Qualtrics Research Suite and Survox help businesses to manage and integrate data seamlessly from both online and phone surveys in a single insight platform. By leveraging this enhanced productivity and improved operational efficiency, organizations can save time, money and gather more of the relevant insights necessary to make data-driven decisions."

The Survox/Qualtrics solution leverages the efficiencies of CFMC's Survent platform, Survox Dialer and IVR capabilities to centralize sample management across modes. This provides operational control of interviewer productivity and quota completion.

With Qualtrics and CFMC, researchers can repurpose existing Qualtrics surveys as phone surveys. Both online and on phone survey responses are stored in a centralized location for cross-mode evaluation. All analysis and reporting are conducted via the powerful capabilities built into Qualtrics Research Suite while sample data are stored, and call center operations are managed by CFMC's Survox solution.

Augmenting online research with phone-based outreach provides a variety of advantages including reaching respondents by their preferred communication vehicle. Additionally, the phone offers an optimal vehicle to qualify respondents for in-depth interviews or web studies. Conversely, interview subjects can be qualified with an online survey and then contacted by phone for an in-depth interview or focus group.

Interviewer-led studies via phone afford the opportunity to probe responses, resulting in more clarity and meaningful early insights.

Key features and benefits of the Qualtrics and CFMC partnership include:

  • First-rate Flexibility: The Qualtrics user interface enables easy creation of both phone and online surveys, storing all responses in one location for multi-mode analysis.
  • Multi-mode Freedom: Begin surveys online first and add phone or gather online and on-phone data concurrently, enabling quick quota attainment.
  • Cost-effective Data Collection: With multimode data collection, researchers can benefit from the cost savings of online research and the demographic targeting of on phone.
  • Automated IVR Features: IVR and inbound/outbound call blending empowers researchers to capture valuable returned calls and route them to the appropriate interviewer quickly. This functionality includes dual-stream recording for interviews, multi-language capabilities, live audio monitoring, audio playback for review, and automated outbound predictive dialing.
  • Multiple Deployment Options: CFMC's Survox solution is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering or as a subscription license for hosting in client-owned data centers.

"For market researchers, gathering data does not have to be costly or time-consuming," said Jeff Harvey, director, global alliances and partners, Qualtrics, in a statement. "Qualtrics partnership with CFMC provides organizations with the flexibility to gather data using multiple communication vehicles. Historically, Qualtrics Research Suite has offered multichannel data collection, but the addition of the phone channel increases both the speed and quality of the insights for our customers."