Qualtrics Partners with Genesys

Qualtrics, a customer experience management provider, and Genesys, a provider of cloud customer experience and contact center solutions, are partnering to help companies deliver customer service experiences at scale.

The new alliance will bring together Genesys' engagement data, such as customers' previous service interactions, and Qualtrics' experience data on how customers felt about the service they received.

Together, Qualtrics and Genesys will provide a holistic view of customers' service experience histories, including their sentiment over time, their past service interactions, and communications preferences.

With Qualtrics and Genesys, companies can set up and orchestrate workflows and alerts to automatically trigger follow-up based on customer feedback.

Agents can view trending topics that positively or negatively impact customer satisfaction, based on customer feedback. This experience data, combined with engagement data from Genesys, such as case resolution rate, helps agents and their managers focus on additional coaching opportunities.

"Digital transformation has changed the way consumers expect to engage businesses and they're using the channels that offer the fastest path to what they want or need, and they expect total service," said Tony Bates, CEO of Genesys, in a statement "Successful companies are delivering personalized experiences with empathy at their core. With Qualtrics and Genesys, businesses can now orchestrate an empathetic customer service experience starting in marketing and spanning to sales and service interactions."

"As companies undergo a massive experience transformation, they need to understand the hearts and minds of their customers more than ever to deliver experiences that drive loyalty," said Zig Serafin, CEO of Qualtrics, in a statement. "The combination of real-time customer sentiment from Qualtrics with individual service history from Genesys helps companies take action to deliver incredible customer experiences at scale."