Qualtrics Launches Social Connect

Qualtrics today launched Qualtrics Social Connect, a digital customer service and social listening solution that enables contact center, marketing, and customer experience teams to capture, analyze, and respond to customer service requests they receive through chat, email, and social media.

Qualtrics Social Connect provides a single unified inbox, automated chat responses, and deep insight into the social trends and real-time customer sentiment, intent and emotions through XM Discover natural language understanding capabilities.

Service teams can use Qualtrics Social Connect to generate automated responses to common questions, and, when a personal response is required, it automatically categorizes and tags chat topics to intelligently route them to the correct support agents. Qualtrics Social Connect organizes conversations from multiple services, like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Live Chat and SMS, into a single, organized inbox.

Qualtrics Social Connect integrates with Qualtrics' XM Discover to surface insights and patterns within voice and text conversations. This allows organizations to measure the emotion, intent, and effort associated with each digital interaction, providing a 360-degree view of customer feedback.

The combination of Qualtrics Social Connect and XM Discover enables organizations to spot and respond to potential product issues, consumer trends, changes in brand awareness, or changing competitive influences online by analyzing direct messages, reviews and social media interactions alongside social data like mentions, keywords, engagement, reach, and comments.

"Businesses that fail to connect and build relationships with their customers over digital and social channels risk massive losses in customer loyalty and revenue," said Fabrice Martin, head of product for Qualtrics Customer Care, in a statement. "Qualtrics Social Connect helps companies meet their customers where they are, understand their expectations, and deliver digital customer experiences that build loyalty and trust, while avoiding costly escalations to their contact centers."