PowerSMS, Twilio Lets Users Send and Receive Text Messages in Dynamics CRM

PowerObjects, a provider service, support, education, and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has recently integrated their PowerSMS PowerPack with Twilio, a communications technology company that specializes in enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into Web, desktop, and mobile software.

With the new integration, PowerSMS messaging now creates Activities in Dynamics CRM, which can be used for tracking purposes. The solution also can send and receive international phone numbers, a useful addition for PowerObjects’ customers abroad.

PowerSMS allows users to send text messages to any entity in their system, whether it’s a contact, lead, or a custom entity. PowerSMS also integrates a text messaging platform, CallFire with Dynamics CRM. This PowerPack add-on allows users to send text messages:

  • Manually through an SMS activity
  • In bulk to a list of CRM records
  • Automatically when something is created or something changes in CRM, using CRM workflows
  • Use text messages to:
    • Remind someone of an upcoming service appointment
    • Send someone a survey, using the PowerSurvey add-on

PowerSMS is one of twenty add-ons that PowerObjects has developed to enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality. Like all PowerPack add-ons, PowerSMS is available for a free thirty-day trial and can be directly downloaded from the PowerObjects Web site.