Plum Voice Releases VoiceTrends 2.0 Call Analytics and Customer Experience Platform

Plum Voice, a communications platform as a service (cPaaS) provider, today released VoiceTrends 2.0, the newest version of its analytics and reporting toolkit for its cloud communications platforms.

With an improved visual interface, VoiceTrends 2.0 helps companies visualize the customer journey and understand the customer experience for their voice channels. The redesigned interface provides more granular detail about application performance, and the call-flow analysis feature includes enhanced data metrics to help users identify where callers struggle and take corrective action.

VoiceTrends 2.0 also provides access to raw data directly in the toolkit or through API access. This enables users to create custom dashboards, reports, and notifications for their voice applications.

"We know how difficult it can be to get real, useful actionable data from voice applications. That's why we've taken our analytics toolkit to the next level, not only by providing users with more data and better usability, but one of the most exciting things with 2.0 is API access to enhanced caller journey data. The potential for custom reporting is almost endless," said Plum Voice Chief Technology Officer Matt Jones in a statement.

VoiceTrends is built-in to Plum's cloud communications platform and development toolkits including Plum DEV and Plum Fuse.