Plum Voice Launches Artificial Intelligence-Powered Customer Self-Service Applications

Plum Voice, a communications platform as a service (cPaaS) provider, has released artificial intelligence applications for interactive voice response (IVR) that support conversational dialogs and interpret customer intent.

Plum's AI-powered IVR applications use conversational dialogues and natural language processing to determine caller intent in real time. Based on customer intent, Plum's applications then direct callers to the right self-service applications or agents to resolve their specific issues.

"Our new artificial intelligence initiative supports Plum's broader mission of making customer self-service more user-friendly for callers and more efficient for companies. With this new technology, apps built on our platform that leverage AI will be able to understand what customers want, in real time, and quickly get them the assistance they need," said Plum Voice's chief technology officer, Matt Jones, in a statement.

"AI is very complicated technology. But we've made it accessible to companies and optimized it for voice interactions. This provides enterprises of all sizes with a good entry point for getting started with AI," said Plum Voice CEO Andy Kuan in a statement.