Phonexa Launches Call Logic Platform

Phonexa today introduced a cloud-based call logic platform, complete with call analytics and call tracking, voice recognition, interactive voice response (IVR), and other features for businesses.

Phonexa's cloud-based solution combines call analytics and call tracking with key features for online marketers and businesses. Phonexa's call logic platform also includes call queuing, call routing and recording, interactive call management, and comprehensive reports and analytics.

"The customer journey has evolved with the rise of mobile and social media platforms, and without utilizing a call platform, marketers and businesses are missing out on valuable information about their callers. Phonexa shines a light on the most important part of the customer journey – the phone call," said David Gasparyan, president and CEO of Phonexa, in a statement

The call logic platform consists of an entire package of analytics, reporting, and voice recognition. Phonexa is also comprised of two additional platforms, including an accounting platform (Books360) and a Lead Management System (LMS SYNC). Books360 and LMS SYNC are additional platforms that can be used directly with your call platform, becoming a complete all-in-one solution.

The Phonexa platform includes a number of key solutions, including the following:

  • Analytics: Phonexa offers a visual snapshot of the business with an interactive dashboard that visualizes calls with insight on demographics, location, and caller profiles. Users can track phone numbers and keywords, discover key insight and pertinent information about callers, and strengthen the success of marketing campaigns.
  • VoicePLUS: Phonexa's voice recognition can convert speech to text and text to speech. VoicePLUS analyzes speech patterns and provides businesses with a system that interacts and engages with consumers using multi-language automatic speech recognition (ASR).
  • Interactive Voice Response: Phonexa's advanced, multilevel IVR allows for custom campaigns with customizable filters, integrating with existing databases and routing calls based on area code, ZIP code, and other demographics.
  • Books360: An accounting platform that works with calls. It automatically generates and sends invoices based on preferred settings, email addresses, and pay statements and applies credits and debits to invoices and payments, helps keep track of all call records for receivables and payables, and minimizes daily accounting tasks. It's customizable for any industry and can be integrated with existing software.
  • LMS SYNC Phonexa's Lead Management Solution (LMS SYNC) is available in addition to the call platform and can seamlessly integrate with accounting platforms, pulling numbers and creating invoices automatically.

Phonexa also offersother key features, such as progressive call flow and call tree, API and third-party integration, cloud call center, automatic call distribution (ACD), and a filtration system.