Pega Customer Engagement Adds Social, Contexual Services

Pegasystems announced enhancements to Pega Customer Engagement for Life Sciences that reduce costs and improve patient health outcomes by driving highly personalized, efficient, and consistent customer interactions across all departments.

Pega's application improves customer engagement with the following new capabilities:

--  Social Engagement: Advanced natural language and text analytics allow organizations to listen to social conversations, analyze customer     sentiment, and provide appropriate responses by automating routing to     appropriate response teams.

  • Omnichannel service: Allows organizations to seamlessly transition     across communication channels and devices without losing context and visibility.
  • Co-browse/e-etail: Gives representatives, nurse care managers and medical science liaisons the ability to share their Web or mobile     screens with patients or providers in real-time to jointly view Web sites, fill in forms, or share other browser-based content without any software downloads.

Pega Customer Engagement for Life Sciences helps organizations move beyond a transactional, data-centric view of patients, and healthcare professionals by enhancing the quality and efficiency of every engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. By supporting multi-channel interactions with health care providers, patients, consumers, and institutions, information is leveraged across silos to manage complex interactions.

The application also helps companies adapt quickly to changing regulations. Pega Customer Engagement for Life Sciences reduces the complexity and costs associated with managing customer interactions and determining what information can be shared while supporting the full product lifecycle from early clinical trials to post-market surveillance.

Pega Customer Engagement for Life Sciences allows organizations to:

Engage: The application automates customer engagement activity and     improves the engagement of medical science liaisons, key account    managers, and internal or external representatives with patients and     providers.

  • Connect: The application reduces departmental silos created by    traditional CRM applications and other systems of record by connecting    the appropriate people and systems required to guide each interaction,     track related information, automate and assign tasks and reviews, and    connect to relevant systems.
  • Evolve: Organizations can rapidly evolve their commercial models and     eliminate lag times associated with inflexible systems that can't keep    up with market shifts toward patient centricity, biologics, and connected medical devices.
  • Simplify: The application simplifies the employee experience, with a     unified platform that delivers cross-platform mobility, intelligent    guidance, and dynamic automation of manual tasks.

Pega Customer Engagement for Life Sciences is built on the Pega 7 Platform, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, and allows organizations to deploy changes eight times faster than traditional Java based applications. Pega's latest visual tools enable businesses to easily extend and change the application to meet their strategic business needs without coding.

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