Pathlight Adds Quality Assurance and Workforce Management

Pathlight, a provider of performance intelligence solutions, has added artificial intelligence-enabled Quality Assurance (QA) and Workforce Management (WFM).

The QA platform leverages AI to automate quality assurance processes across email, chat, and phone conversations while the new Workforce Management capability will simplify scheduling and attendance

"Customer expectations are higher than ever. Delivering a superior customer experience is crucial for driving loyalty and lifetime value. But data silos and disconnected support platforms and processes have left businesses struggling and searching for smarter solutions to keep up with customer and business demands," said Trey Doig, co-founder and chief technology officer of Pathlight, in a statement. "Today we're making it easier for CX teams to meet customer expectations while achieving greater efficiencies and business outcomes. By combining Performance Intelligence with QA and WFM capabilities, we're streamlining customer support workflows to reduce effort and boost performance and productivity. At the same time, we're helping businesses engage, retain and nurture talent in the long run."

Pathlight's new QA capabilities include the following:

  • Automatic Assignments, to assign tickets to graders based on tags, ticket status, and other fields.
  • Sentiment Analysis, to automatically analyze agent interactions to extract tone and sentiment.
  • Grammar and Spelling, using AI to detect grammar and spelling errors in agent interactions.
  • Phrase Tracking, to identify phrases specified by customers or agents.
  • Annotations, to highlight specific text or interactions to deliver focused feedback to agents.
  • Root-cause Analysis, to identify specific interactions that caused poor customer satisfaction scores, customer churn, and more.
  • Grade Sharing & Appeals, to automate grade sharing and ensure fairness through an integrated appeals process.
  • Grade the Grader, to create custom scorecards to grade the scored scorecards to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Pathlight's workforce management capabilities will help customer service leaders create, manage, and maintain staffing at scale. Features include the following:

  • Scheduling, to create, visualize, and share schedules with agents who support multiple channels.
  • Attendance, to create timecards, track attendance, and simplify approval processes.
  • Reporting, providing a comprehensive view of key workforce management metrics, including adherence, scheduled work hours, and more.
  • Forecasting, to predict upcoming labor demands based on historical volume and scheduling data.